Baldur Health Centre

Health Centre & Personal Care Home:

The Baldur Health Centre/Personal Care Home is the perfect place for senior citizens to stay. There are various activities planned throughout the week for the residents; the residents can go out for walks with staff members,  play games, attend music events held in the facility,  as well as choose to sit out and enjoy the sun on the patio. The friendly staff, and meal plans are another key component of our Centres. 

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Call: (204) 535-2928 to contact the case coordinator for Baldur                                                Call: (204) 535-2922 for the Personal Care Home

Medical Clinic:

The Medical Clinic is open Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. Located in the basement of the Baldur Hospital. Lab services are also avaiable Monday, Wednesday & Friday, mornings only. Telehealth services are a part of our clinic also. 

To book an appointment call  (204) 535-2344.

What is telehealth? Telehealth is the delivery of health related services and information through telecommunication technologies. (You can talk to a doctor through your computer, phone, internet, and online video!) Telehealth is a system that enables the patients to talk to medical professionals from their local medical clinic (Baldur Health Centre). If interested in this, please call (204) 535-2373 for more information!

Meals On Wheels:

Hot, full course meals are delivered to the home by volunteers for those unable to prepare adequate meals due to age or illness. -Prairie Mountain Health 

If you are interested in this program, please call (204) 535-2373

In Home Services:

In Home Services are also provided in Baldur. 

Call: (204) 535-2927 for more information