Community History


Image Courtesy of University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Image Courtesy of University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

We Made Baldur

The thousands of people who have made Baldur their home over the years, since its inception in 1890, have been a fascinating group, full of strength and wisdom, wit and vigour, kindness and foresight.

Image courtesy of Suzanne Paddock - 2017

Image courtesy of Suzanne Paddock - 2017

Grund Frelsis Church

The is the oldest standing Icelandic Lutheran Church in Canada.  Grund was built in 1889 by volunteers under the direction of carpenters Byring Hallgrimsson and Arni Sveinson.


Yearbook Archive

Courtesy of Madge Holder, we have been able to acquire access to a great archive of Baldur School Yearbooks.  If you have one you would like us to post, please contact


Argyle Museum

The Argyle Museum is a must see when in Baldur. The museum first started when Dr. Hanks donated multiple pieces of his medical equipment that he used throughout his practices. In addition to the medical showcase, it holds a WWl and WWll display, along with the newest addition to the museum, an Icelandic exhibit. The Icelandic exhibit features a hand painted mural, and many other interesting artifacts. Many other historic displays can be found throughout the Argyle Museum. 

Need help with information or any assistance when in town? 

The Argyle Museum can assist you with any questions, and provide information about our town. There are also tourist pamphlets and maps available here.  You can contact any of the Museum Committee if you wish to tour the museum.  Brenda Gudnason - (204) 825-7755, Toots Cameron - (204) 724-7652 or Pat Dearsley - (204) 535-2371.

The RM Office is another place to go for any information or assistance you need while in town!



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