What are the hours of the Baldur Waste Disposal Facility?

Oct 1 - March 31:  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 1 - 4; Thursdays - 10 - 4
April 1 - Sept 30:  Mondays and Fridays 1 - 4;  Wednesdays 1 - 8;  Thursdays 1 -4

The dump will be open the 2nd SATURDAY of each month from May - October from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Can you recycle ink toner at the landfill?

The Argyle Disposal site does not accept ink toner. You can return them postage paid to some companies.

Who can I contact about available lots and properties in Baldur?

For more information on available properties in the area, please contact the RM of Argyle Office (1-204-535-2176) and they can provide you with more info and contacts for your potential new home in Baldur!

Can I sign up for a volunteer group?

Absolutely.  Please reach out the the Baldur Community Development Association for information on all volunteer committee's in the area and what you can do to help.  You can send an email to mdcargyle@gmail.com


Who do I contact if I am looking into enrolling my children in school? 

Baldur School is a K-12 public school located right in the community and is a part of Prairie Spirit School Division.  You can contact Prairie Spirit SD by calling 1-204-836-2147.


Is there a campground or other accommodations in the area?

You bet!  We have a beautiful campground located near Argyle Centennial Park with 6 serviced sites and 8 non-serviced.  If camping isn't your thing, check out Baldur Motor Hotel for rooms and rates.

Can I hire the Town or RM to remove snow from my driveway / laneway?

Yes you can! Please contact the the RM of Argyle Office. 204-535-2176.

Is there a Doctor in Baldur?

There is a nurse practitioner located in the basement of the Baldur Hospital. Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday available for appointments, checkups and other health services. Call 1 (204) 535-2373 to book appointments.