Program Philosophy

Many seniors and disabled in our communities enjoy living in their homes and do not require the degree of care offered by an institutional setting. Seniors’ Services was developed by dedicated community volunteers and Manitoba Health to enable disabled and older members of our communities to live independently, in their homes, for as long as possible. Services are designed for the person who, without supports, could suffer loss of independence, loss of choices and quality of lifestyle, causing them to prematurely need personal care services. For a lot of different reasons some of these individuals have difficulty managing in some areas and they may not have access to or qualify for the existing home support programs.  It is for these individuals our service was created, to fill the ‘gaps’.

Our clients may need someone to do housework, provide a ride to the doctor,  information, form filling assistance, ERIK kits, referrals,  Lifeline, Audio Gazette (to keep up on what’s happening locally!), pharmacy and other deliveries, meals, phone checks, friendly visits, grocery shopping…. the list has no start or end, as each office seeks out it’s clientele’s needs. For those who cherish their independence  to make their own service decisions, with  our help, they can! Service providers we partner with can range in age from 6 – 90!

Everyone has something they can offer and we sincerely appreciate the individuals and groups we work with.

If you haven't registered as a volunteer, you can contact our office at 204-825-8372 (voicemail), 204-537-2642 (fax) or email