Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!

Recycling is a big part of our community and we have the infrastructure to do so locally.  Weekly pickup within the town of Baldur makes your contribution to keeping our area clean and green as simple as it can be. 

Along with the recycling program, you will find Recycle bins located around town for your convenience.  With your help, our community debris free, helping earn our 5 Bloom Community In Blooms rating and keeping it.

To request your recycle bin(s), please contact the R.M. Office for more info. 

Waste Disposal Ground Hours / Services

When is it open?



  • Oct 1 - March 31:
  • 1:00 - 4:00 Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
  • 10:00am - 4:00 pm Thursdays
  • Closed Tuesdays and weekends
  • April 1 - Sept 30
  • 1:00 - 4:00 Mondays & Fridays
  • 1:00 - 8:00pm Wednesdays
  • 10:00am - 4:00 Thursdays

Why recycle?

When you recycle, your unwanted items go on to a new useful life.  The items that our community recycles are raw materials that can be used to create new products and packaging.  Your cans may become new cans, bicycles or even car parts.  Paper fibres can be recycled into tissue and egg cartons(not foam) and plastic bottles may turn up as a fleece jacket or beautiful carpet.

Did you know ..... Energy saved from recycling one aluminum can is enough to run your television for 3 hours.

What can I take there?

  • Household Garbage
  • Recyclables (Glass, Cardboard, Plastic & Tin)
  • E-Waste
  • Metal Scraps
  • Yard Waste**
  • Construction Materials**

When is pickup service available?

  • Monday - Recycling-Glass, Plastics & Tins
  • Tuesday - Household Garbage (Baldur)
  • Monday - Household Garbage and recycling (Glenora)
  • Friday - Cardboard


  • Bring your used oil and filters 
  • Now taking Anti-freeze as well

Hazardous Waste

  • Paint and partial pails can be dropped off at Moore's Building Supplies in Killarney
  • Florescent lights can be taken to Home Depot's, Rona's and most home building supply places  - just call first


  • Bring us your electronic waste
  • We accept computers, laptops, printers, fax machines, TV's, VCR's, CD players, telephones, answering machines and microwave ovens.
  • For more information visit

Batteries -

  • Household & shop batteries can be dropped off at the RM office in Baldur or at the Argyle Waste Disposal Ground.  There is a box to drop them in at both places.
  • Cell phones can also be dropped off in these boxes - regardless of how old they are.
  • Not car batteries