Baldur Health Care

Baldur Health Centre:

Located at 531 Elizabeth Avenue East on Highway 23. This building is the hub for all health services provided in Baldur and surrounding area.  Prairie Mountain Health is the health authority for this area.  To learn more about them Click Here

Personal Care Home:

The Personal Care Home, known as Baldur Manor, is the perfect place for senior citizens that require long term care. There are various activities planned throughout the week for the residents; they can go out for walks with staff members,  play games, attend music events held in the facility,  as well as choose to sit out and enjoy the sun on the patio. The friendly staff, and meal plans are another key component. 

Call: (204) 535-2928 to contact the case coordinator for Baldur                                                Call: (204) 535-2922 for the Personal Care Home

Transitional Care:

The transitional Care unit is used by those who have had a medical procedure and are not yet ready to return home and also for seniors waiting to move to a Personal Care Home.

Medical Clinic:

The Medical Clinic for primary health care services is open Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. Located in the basement of the Baldur Hospital.

To book an appointment call (204) 535-2344

Laboratory Services:

Lab services are also available Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 8:30-noon only.

To book an appointment call  (204) 535-2920.


What is telehealth? Telehealth is the delivery of health related services and information from your Doctor through telecommunication technologies. You can talk to a doctor from another area such as Winnipeg through our online video to help reduce travel whenever possible!

If interested in this, please call (204) 535-2373 for more information!

Baldur Pharmacy:

Located in the basement of the Baldur Health Centre.  Click here to find out more information.

Meals On Wheels:

Hot, full course meals are delivered to residents of Baldur by volunteers for those unable to prepare adequate meals due to age or illness.

If you are interested in this program, please call (204) 535-2373

Public Health Services:

To see a Public Health Nurse contact (204) 535- 2933

Care Home Services:

In Home Services are also provided in Baldur and surrounding area. 

Call: (204) 535-2927 for more information

Baldur Health Care Committee:

The volunteer community health care committee is called the Baldur Health Care committee.  more information below!

Emergency Services:

When emergency services are required, contact 911


Baldur Volunteer Enrichment Group

The Baldur Volunteer Enrichment Groups works close in proximity with the recreational staff of the Baldur Personal Care Home and Transitional Unit. They assist with activities like crafts, bingo, can outings, walks around town, and much more. We help set up & clean up for events such as teas and family picnics. They do two fundraisers per year, with proceeds going to craft materials, van rides, musical entertainment, etc. 

"If we can put a smile on the faces of our residents who make Baldur their new home, then we have reached our goal as volunteers" -Lorraine Cramer, Enrichment Group Volunteer


Interested in volunteering? Have any questions about Baldur Volunteer Enrichment Group? 

Contact: Lorraine Cramer (204) 535-2164 (landline)

Baldur Health Care Committee

This committee was created in 2011 to provide a mechanism for communicating with the health region on matters of local concern and for sharing information with the community about health services.

The committee has no decision making authority and is only focussed on improving the overall understanding of how the health system works for the residents in Baldur and the surrounding area.  Our aim is to improve understanding of the complex healthcare system through accurate communication.

The committee meets 4-6 times annually and shares their unapproved Minutes with anyone who requests a copy.  The Minutes may be received either in paper format or electronically.  Please contact either source below to request your copy of the Minutes.

  • Rural Municipality Office at or 204 535-2176

  • Baldur Health Centre at  or 204-535-2373

The volunteer committee is made up of the following members:

  • Bob Conibear, Chairperson
  • Deb Durham, Vice-Chair
  • Linda Furness, Healthy Together Rep
  • Gayle Johnson
  • Greg Johnson
  • Lauren Jones
  • Hedy Joycey, Secretary
  • Tom Kay
  • Pam Morrison, Client Care Coordinator-Baldur Manor & Transitional Unit
  • Deb Obach, Care Team Manager- Baldur Health Centre
  • Connie Ricard, local Pharmacist
  • Darrian Vermeersch, RM of Argyle Council Rep


Suggestions Questions Concerns

Our committee welcomes feedback from all local and regional residents.  If you have something relevant to share with the committee please contact us and we will put your item on the agenda. 

If you are interested in participating on this committee please let one of us know.