Churches in Baldur

The town of Baldur takes pride in maintaining their churches. In Baldur there are 4 churches, Lutheran Immanuel, St. Mark's Anglican (no services), St. James Catholic, and the United Church. While the Grund Frelsis (oldest Icelandic Church in Canada) is just 5 miles north of Baldur. 


Lutheran Immanuel 

The Lutheran Immanuel Church in Baldur is on the corner of Oak Creek Road and Carrie Avenue. The Lutheran church was constructed in 1907, by Arni Sveinson. The church is still in very good condition and is a valued piece of our community.

Features of Interest:

  • wood siding
  • nice central tower
  • windows

United Chruch

Methodists in the Belmont area welcomed their first minister in 1884 and within a year Reverend James Hoskins had added Bethel Methodist to his Otenaw Circuit. When the community of Baldur was formed, in 1889, the church was moved into town. Within fifteen years a larger building was required and in 1904 the present church was constructed. The building is a fascinating expression of the Gothic Revival tradition. A variety of window shapes abound—rectangular in the tower, round-arched at the back, the large pointed-arched openings in the nave and in the middle of the tower a very unusual opening based on a Gothic shape called a trefoil.

Features of Interest:

  • Variety of window shapes
  • nice tower/date stone
  • auditorium plan- wood wainscotting



St. James Catholic 


The St. James is a Roman Catholic Church is the newest church in Baldur; Mass is held every Sunday at 9:00 am. 


St.  Mark's Anglican 

Constructed in 1898, this church is no longer in service, but is a key feature to our heritage sites. The building features intracate brickwork, nice trim, and very unique windows. Located on the corner of Elizabeth Ave. and Oak Creek Road.

Grund Church.jpg

Grund Frelsis

This is the oldest standing Icelandic Lutheran Church in Canada. It was built in 1889 by volunteers under the direction of carpenters Byring Hallgrimsson and Arni Sveinson. Grund Lutheran is representative of late nineteenth-century church architecture in rural Manitoba, a wood frame structure built on a simple rectangular plan.

The prevailing taste for the Gothic Revival style is expressed here in pointed windows, and delicate window tracery on the tower.
Many of the early congregation members had first settled at New Iceland (Gimli) in the late 1870s, before homesteading in the Municipality of Argyle in the 1880s. They were still living in log houses when they built this church which became the focal point of the community. In 1964, Frelsis Congregation joined Baldur Immanuel Lutheran Church.

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